Soul Foundry is a creative development entity with a presence in Flint, MI. We retain a network of several full time producers, engineers, coaches, agents, publicists, and consultants to serve clients of various needs all over the world. Whether recording your first demo or launching a massive promotional campaign, we can help.

Why don’t we post rates on our website?

Because we don’t operate like a normal recording studio.  We tailor our services to your project.  In fact, we’re not a recording studio.  We’re a development group with a recording facility.

Why don’t we post a gear list on our website?  

Because we aren’t selling a vibey space with the latest boutique or vintage doo-dads.  We are selling decades of industry experience that we will personally invest in your project.  That said, we actually do have a vibey space with boutique and vintage doo-dads.   Seriously, the lighting is pretty on point.