One of our main objectives at Soul Foundry is empowerment. Utilizing tools ranging from individual coaching to broader educational gatherings, we strive to point people toward themselves so that they can establish healthy roles in the creative industry.
In short: we transform hobbyists into professionals. Here are some ways were doing that.



A networking event with a featured creative entrepreneur sharing their story and inspirig others toward next steps as community influencers.

Conversation Peace: May 31, 2018 Interview with Ashley Peacock on Worth

Conversation Peace: June 28, 2018 Interview with Gordon Pennington on Narrative

Conversation Peace: August 2, 2018 Interview with Brandon Corder on Vision

Conversation Peace: September 6, 2018 Interview with Dan Bennett on Story

Conversation Peace: October 3, 2018 Interview with Kristina Lakey on Team

Conversation Peace: November 1, 2018 Interview with James Thigpen Jr on Path



One of our empowerment vehicles takes the form of panel discussions connecting industry influencers with emerging creative professionals.
We call them Industry Forums.

Industry Forum: December 8, 2016 Featuring Brandon Corder and Joel Rash

Industry Forum: April 7, 2017 Featuring Melvin Davis, Drew Schultz, and Sara Johnson

Industry Forum: March 25, 2018 Featuring Jaime Wilkins and Nate Dorough



Our lead developer networks with other creative influencers and shares the work of Soul Foundry.

Digging : March 14, 2018 Podcast Interview on Fear and Creative Process

On Failure: April 15, 2018 Lecture on Failure

Life, Or Something Like It: August 10, 2018 Podcast Interview on Development

The Antipreneur: March 18, 2019  Podcast Interview with Dan Bennett on “The Myth Of Professionalism”



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