Soul Foundry believes that projects are made better when our people invest in your people.
So, here are some of our people…


Ashley Peacock – Development

Ashley is a veteran of the Cincinnati, Nashville, Charleston, and southeast Michigan creative scenes.  Cutting his teeth as an artist on everything from Detroit punk clubs to Ann Arbor listening rooms in the late 90’s, he then spent years abroad honing his craft as a producer which evolved into a passion for artist development. He returned to Flint, MI in 2013 and established Soul Foundry to help artists actualize their worth and carve out healthy pathways for themselves in the creative industry.  E-Mail Ashley Peacock


Todd Gilbert –                         Production/Studio Administration

Todd is a true renaissance man. A gifted multi-instrumentalist, he has transitioned from a first call session musician for studio and stage to an equally comfortable chair in front of a mixing console. Additionally, his history as a songwriter and producer makes him an indispensable asset to our stable of developing artists. Having shared the stage with Dick Wagner and the console with Richard Dodd, he brings a uniquely diverse and powerful brand of experience to any project he engages. E-Mail Todd Gilbert


Anna Thomas – Brand Curation

AnnaMosity is the gal with a knack for marketing, promotions, and hospitality to help better cater to the development of artists. Certified from Specs Howard School of Media Arts for radio broadcasting, Anna has experience in multiple aspects within the industry including major market radio, venue business and operations, festival production, merchandising, artist relations and management, and publicity. E-Mail Anna Thomas


Greg Terry – Artist Management

As an emerging hip hop influencer, Greg’s energy is aligned with the Soul Foundry frequency of artist development and emotional stability. He walks along side artists in a way that makes them feel they are both guided by a sage and comforted by an old friend. As an experienced hip hop promoter, Greg also understands the landscape of the scene, and injects his wisdom into the artists he mentors like compass to sailer. Greg’s truly unique contribution, though, is his instinct for innovation. As Socrates said “the secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but building the new.” E-Mail Greg Terry


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