Soul Foundry is a creative development collective with headquarters in Flint, MI. We retain a network of full time producers, engineers, coaches, agents, publicists, and consultants to serve clients of various needs all over the world. Whether recording your first demo or launching a massive promotional campaign, we can help.

Why don’t we post rates on our website?

We tailor our services to your endeavors.  Whether you need a one hour phone consultation, production for a full length release, a run of merch, or full on career management, our team can help you strategize and resource your project.

Why don’t we post a gear list on our website?  

Because we aren’t selling a vibey space with the latest boutique or vintage doo-dads.  We are selling decades of industry experience that we will personally invest in your project. In fact, we aren’t a recording studio at all…we’re a development collective with a recording facility in a creative space. Our space can be used for writing, rehearsals, consultations, critical listening, VIP events, vocal coaching, and even yoga. That said, the space is pretty vibey and we actually do have boutique and vintage doo-dads.  

Seriously, even the lighting is kind of on point.


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